151 Hillside Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Trinity Hill Care Center

  • Bronze

  • Four Star Facility per CMS

  • Five Star Facility for Quality Measures

  • In 2020 I came to Trinity Hill for care. I was in a bad car accident and I was in bad shape I couldn't walk. I couldn't do anything. My lower body was messed up my pelvis was broken; my heart was also. But I managed to get the help from Liz nurse and Ashley social worker. Also, I forgot the woman that took care of me first when I got there I was there for a month and I came through I walked out of there with a cane only. I am so grateful for all the help you guys did for me. Rehab works if you put your mind to it and you can get back to yourself. Thank you so much.

    Resident CT (January 2024)

  • (Five Star Review): I was a patient at trinity hill for two weeks. I had a wonderful experience. The staff treated me well. My social worker Ashley helped with everything I needed. She was really helpful. All the staff treated me with respect and kindness.

    Michael Grimes (via Google Reviews)

  • (Five Star Google Review): I spent five months at Trinity Hill between April and September of this year for some serious heart and lung infections. I've read some of the previous reviews and do agree with the poster who said that the place grows on you - this is true! In the beginning with language and cultural barriers sometimes it can be hard to get to know so many new people at once. But in my five months there I have come out of it with a few good friends and invaluable staff members that are still part of my life as I move on. While there were some improvements that needed to be made when I first got there, Trinity Hill worked extremely hard to improve many of the issues and programs they have within the facility. In the first two and a half months [many of the programs changed for the better as did much of the staff]. As you get to know people there you realize that while there may be some communication issues, the staff is genuinely passionate about their work and they care about their residents very much. For the most part the staff is competent, no one is perfect but their hearts are in the right place. They really all got to know me and became important in my everyday life. They offer a twice weekly recovery group, arts and crafts, daily coloring pages and wordsearch as well as a daily newsletter. The recreation department works hard to keep it interesting and find events for the residents to participate in, and the facility holds resident council meetings once a month where they really do listen to the residents comments, concerns, questions and suggestions. Special thanks to Jay in security, Ajeemah, Harold, Lynford, Angela and Larry in housekeeping (staff was always friendly and hard-working) Brian in the physical therapy department was always caring, compassionate and helpful - he went way above and beyond the scope of his duties to advocate for me even when it wasn't his job and was great when I felt I wasn't being heard. For the nursing staff I want to give special thanks to Marcel (who in my opinion is the best nurse there) also Agartha, Chanel, Nicola and Nadia. For nursing assistants I want to give special recognition to Lily, Shirley, Madeline, Yanette, Carol, Natasha, Lincoln, Dominique and a couple others who I am unfortunately unsure of their names. They work so hard everyday. Ginny and Daron in the recreation department were great, APRN Stephanie and Flo were also wonderful as well as the infection control nurse Alexis. Sarah the nutritionist was super sweet and helpful, and last but not least the social work department was amazing. Social workers Ashley, Alyssa and Jenn are truly passionate about their occupation and are all three amazing people. My favorite part was the twice weekly recovery groups run by social work director Jennifer Welles, I want to give her a special thanks as I would not be who or where I am today without her - I still virtually attend the recovery groups. Bless everyone who works there, they are great people! You must give them a chance.

    Jess Golab via Google Reviews (October 2023)

  • (Five Star Google Review): My son was sent to this facility for 5 months this year. I saw the mixed reviews and worried but they have turned all that around. We received great care and respect from the staff. We give special recognition to Ashley/social worker and Jay/security for going above and beyond to help in difficult times. Thanks so much.

    Jesse Allen (via Google Reviews, September 2023)

  • (Five Star Google Review): My grandma was there for almost a month I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the facility. The staff was very professional I was kept informed on my grandma's progress and her social workers Ashley and Alyssa were very helpful and answered or got me answers for all of my questions. I was pleased with the service and care my grandmother received.

    Jose Carrero (via Google Reviews, September 2023)

  • I am grateful to Trinity Hill for taking me in and saving my life. I feel safe and thankful to everyone that helped rescue me.

    Resident MC (January 2022)

  • Rated 10/10. The staff goes above and beyond. They make sure I get my medicine. They listen and sometimes that is all you need is someone to listen. All the aides are excellent and thank you to all you do for us.

    Resident MF (March 2021)

  • Thank you so much for all you do here! If it wasn't for bingo, karaoke, birthday parties, fantasy football and especially fresh air this would have been a very different experience for me. You guys put your heart into all the activities you do here. It really makes a difference. I owe a lot of my healing to you guys. I'm really going to miss you all. So thank you so much for giving your all, for being here even on the weekends to keep us going! Thank you for making me feel special. Thank you for giving me the tools to express myself.

    Patient RM (excerpted from a letter, September 2019)

  • The personnel was knowledgeable and very friendly. The people at the front desk were helpful, too. It’s a good place to send your relatives to. They treat you like a decent human being, whether it's for [iRecovery] or for any other care. the caregivers made sure that he was physically and mentally ready to go home. They talked to me about how to get the house ready and about his meds. I was very impressed. I'm glad he went there.

    GS - Patient's Mother (March 2019)

  • I had a very dear friend who was here and when I needed skilled nursing services, I decided to come too. I knew my care needs would be met, and I was happy to know someone who was here. I really enjoy the many recreational activities and feel the staff is very caring. I recommend others to come and experience good care too.

    Deborah Williams

  • I too had a very dear friend who was admitted to Trinity Hill in the past. When I required care, I picked Trinity. I find the staff to be very attentive to my needs and the recreational activities are excellent. I would recommend Trinity to anyone who would need a place where the care is compassionate and the staff goes beyond what is expected. We are more like family than patients.

    Connie Bonnessi

  • I was referred to come and work at Trinity Hill by my wife, and I really like it here. I would recommend anyone to work here that wanted a job in healthcare. I would also recommend anyone who needed Skilled Nursing Services to come here- My mom is here now.

    Fernando Dejesus